Advanced Bio Energy helped my fears of being seen or recognised

Advanced Bio Energy helped my fears of being seen or recognised

Paul aged 62, retired, and married with 4 grown up children. Paul booked in for 5 therapy sessions on the advice of a friend. Paul felt varying degrees of anxiety and an unknown sense of fear throughout his life. The level of anxiety rose to almost panic whenever he would receive special attention or if he was singled out.

He avoided being seen whenever possible. He avoided public events or social events whenever possible. If he did attend events he would wear dark glasses explaining that the light affected his eyes. He would never buy a car unless it had blacked-out windows. He was highly successful at his job but mostly worked behind the scenes.

He has a good relationship with his wife and family but suffers with mood changes and has a resistance to leaving the house. He has never discussed or told anyone about his childhood experiences and never spoke much about his father.

Paul attended for the first therapy session during which the therapist worked on Paul's overall energy field and in particular his chakras. During the session he relaxed a little but appeared agitated. After the session was complete he felt like talking a little. Paul explained that despite his levels of business success and now having a loving and caring family, his feelings of anxiety and fear diminish at times but have never really gone away.

On the third therapy session Paul remained in a sleep-like state and didn’t feel like talking afterwards. During the fourth bio-energy session and about 20 minutes into the session Paul started to cry uncontrollably. Paul was encouraged to cry and allow the feelings to emerge. He cried continuously for about 15 minutes.

It was during this he had a flashback to a day his father came home from work. Paul was about 4 years old. His father asked him a question to which Paul did not reply quickly enough. His father grabbed hold of him and beat him until he lost consciousness. Paul regained consciousness in the dark, in the cupboard underneath the stairs.

The fear of the dark was unbearable but the fear of his father seeing him and beating him again was even greater. From that day when he heard his father’s voice he would hide.

The traumatic event with his father when he was only 4 years old had a life-changing affect on Paul. This fear of being seen or recognised had haunted him and played a major part in controlling Paul’s life. Fear of being seen. Fear of being caught. Fear of hurt. Fear of never knowing. Fear of pain. 

Following the fourth therapy session Paul noticed there was a change in the intensity of his fears. During these sessions the therapist worked on the root / base chakra to decrease the intensity of fear, shock and trauma, and also worked on his solar plexus for anxiety, anger and fear. Sound healing therapy was applied on following sessions to help him relax and allow healing to take place on many levels of Paul’s energy field.

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