I used sound healing and audio files which helped with my back pain

I used sound healing and audio files which helped with my back pain

I have been using a sound healing therapy table for many years and this is my own experience using sound vibrations for pain. I had major back surgery 5 years ago. I have 3 bulging discs in the thoracic area of my back, so it is imperative that I am careful with lifting, bending or overstretching. I had been virtually pain-free up until 2 weeks ago.

I was throwing a ball for our dog and I turned suddenly and felt an excruciating pain in the upper thoracic area of my back. My first thought was; “Oh my God, not again.” The memory of the pain I experienced for 6 months prior to surgery came tumbling back into my mind.

I slowly made my way back inside our home with by head and my back bent forwards. I couldn’t climb the stairs, and could barely walk without experiencing sharp pains in my back.

My husband John applied bio energy therapy on my overall body and a considerable amount of bio energy on my back which helped and provided great relief.

He then applied sound healing therapy on my back using Tibetan singing bowls. I could feel my body stretching out and the tension releasing as he continued using the vibrations of the singing bowls up and down crossways and diagonally over my back.

Some months earlier John had fitted transducers to our therapy table so it could be used as a sound healing table. Using this method it was possible to actually ‘feel’ the sound vibrations through my body as I lay there on the table. Using audio files in this manner is called vibroacoustics. Vibroacoustic therapy is the application of different audio files frequencies played through the sound healing table which is fitted with transducers which ‘vibrate’ the therapy table with selected frequencies.

Various audio files were used and I found some frequencies that were effective in this particular case. This particular frequency had a very positive affect particularly when applied in conjunction with the advanced bio energy techniques. The pain in my back eased gradually over the hour long session.

The next day this whole process was repeated using the advanced bio energy techniques on my back and spine plus sound healing using a number of different sounding Tibetan singing bowls, plus the 70Hz audio file playing through the sound healing table. At the end of this second session the pain had almost completely dissipated.

This combination was repeated on two more sessions after which, thankfully my back and spine had improved so much. If I feel any twinge of pain in my back, I will lie on the sound healing table for 30-40 minutes whilst applying low frequency vibroacoustic vibrations, which each time helps to relieve pains and discomfort in my back.

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