I’d get panic attacks and be fearful  if  anyone stood or sat behind me

I’d get panic attacks and be fearful if anyone stood or sat behind me

Carol is 36 years old and has been suffering with panic attacks for most of her life. These attacks had increased and intensified in the last 6 months. She feels her fears might be related to her upcoming marriage, which is 6 months away.

Her particular fears and related panic attacks are mainly associated with people standing or sitting behind her where she will not be able to see them.

Carol would not sit anywhere unless she could sit with her back to the wall. If she was seated in the middle of a dining room with people sitting behind her, she would panic and request to be seated with her back to a wall or else leave the premises and go home. For instance if she was in the queue in a supermarket or bank she would allow the people behind her to pass her so they wouldn’t be standing behind her.

Carol had gone down many avenues looking for help and eventually decided to attend for bio energy therapy. Prior to Carol attending we received the usual pre-session relevant information in connection with Carol’s condition.

On the first session she lay quietly on the therapy table staring at the ceiling. She did not wish to speak or converse with the therapist before, during or after the therapy session. The therapist continued with bio energy as normal and finished the session.
After the second therapy session Carol appeared to be more relaxed. She said she did not notice any particular change in her fears following session one or session two. During session three when chakra clearing and balancing work was being applied to her base chakra Carol suddenly opened her eyes and proceeded to tell a story she just remembered.

She recalled events in her early childhood, when she was about 6 years old and had been in hospital for over two weeks suffering with a ruptured appendix. Carol had been prescribed antibiotics by injection and was terrified of the injections. She remembers screaming when the nurses or medical staff approached her. As a last resort the nurses waited until Carol was relaxed, then crept up behind her and gave her the injection before she could resist too much.

This intervention may have been a necessary last resort so that Carol could receive the necessary medication for her recovery. To Carol who was only 6 years old this was a traumatic experience.

Advanced bio energy was applied during the fourth and fifth session, to help reduce the intensity of the fears and panic around that initial traumatic incident. Following the fifth and final session Carol felt she did not require any further therapy as she felt much better. She no longer suffers with fears or panic when people sit or stand behind her. She realises that she is an adult now dealing with and healing from the memories of a child.

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