How Energy Healing stopped my teenager’s embarrassing bed wetting

How Energy Healing stopped my teenager’s embarrassing bed wetting

Aoife, a 13 year old teenager started bedwetting again around the age of eight for no known reason. Her bedwetting had alienated her from social occasions, parties and sometimes sleep overs with family relatives or her friends. It also affected her in school.

Her parent’s said it started quite suddenly, and they had tried every remedy, every therapy orthodox and alternative but so far nothing had worked.

They decided to try Bio Energy as a last resort and Aoife was booked in for the recommended five sessions. During her first bio energy session Aoife went into a deep semi-sleep state for most of the session.

After about thirty minutes during her second session Aoife suddenly sat upright on the therapy table and shouted that “Daddy is trying to kill Mammy, and there’s blood everywhere”.

She then lay back down and fell fast asleep for the remainder of the session. Later that evening Aoife’s mother spoke with the therapist about Aoife’s exclamations during the bio energy session.

At first the mother could not explain her daughter’s statement but then she remembered that when Aoife was about eight years old she witnessed her dad helping her mother up off the ground. Aoife’s mother had slipped and fallen against the conservatory window which had broken and had cut her hand as she fell.

Aoife’s dad ran outside thinking his wife had been attacked. His hands became covered in blood as he helped his wife into the car to take her to the hospital. Thankfully Aoife’s mother suffered only minor injuries and was discharged shortly afterwards.

It was passed off as a minor event so it was never explained to Aoife what had actually happened and Aoife never asked any more about it. During the third bio energy session Aoife suddenly opened her eyes and told the therapist that she just remembered something that had happened when she was about eight years old. Aoife spoke calmly as she told the story about her mother slipping and falling and cutting her hand and her father lifting her mother with his hands covered in blood and then bringing her mother to the hospital.

The therapist explained to Aoife’s mother how the shock of what happened that night with the accident had traumatised Aoife so much that the fearful event affected Aoife particularly when she tried to relax and sleep at night.

The therapist then explained that the basis of the bio energy therapy was to help reduce the intensity of the emotions of fear around the incident so that the accident would become more of a memory rather than a crippling emotion.

Thankfully following the fifth and final session Aoife’s bed wetting episodes had ceased completely.

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