Everyone wants to be pain free, full of vitality, healthy and stress free

Everyone wants to be pain free, full of vitality, healthy and stress free

It is important that we become aware of the early warning signs of ill-health. These first signs may be tiredness, anxiety, irritability, pain or a general feeling of “just not feeling well.”

Warning signs of imminent ill-health

These initial signs are our “warning lights” telling us that we need to look at some aspect of our health and well-being and take action immediately before it escalates or develops into a more serious health concern.  There are similarities between the body’s functioning and a symphony orchestra.

When an orchestra is performing a musical composition all members of the orchestra are playing in unity and harmony with each other. They follow a musical score and respond in synchronicity to the control and direction of a conductor. Each musician and section of the orchestra performs as one complete synchronised unit to create a unified sound and perform the prearranged musical composition.

Similarly each cell, organ, gland or system in the body individually play their role and together they synchronise in unison to create harmony and health in the human body and help maintain its optimal functioning level. Each organ or system plays its role, all following one synchronised rhythm.

Playing out of tune

If one violin or one musician plays out of tune or out of time it may go unnoticed for a short period of time. However if this one violinist or musician continues playing out of tune, this may in turn have its effect and influence the other musicians in their section and ultimately can have its affect on the sychronicity, the music and harmony of the entire orchestra.

It’s all about balance 

Similarly this analogy can be applied to the workings of the human body. Sometimes there may only be a slight sign of an impending health condition. If this can be detected at an early stage, and action is taken immediately this may prevent a more serious health condition developing at a later stage.

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Your most asked question
How often do I apply self healing therapy?

It very much depends on the severity of the health concern. See the recommendations given on our course for different health conditions. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.