How to use two tuning forks to create silence and a moment of bliss

How to use two tuning forks to create silence and a moment of bliss

There is a still point which is referred to in healing. This is a moment of complete stillness, or some call it a “Moment of Bliss”. Some people may never experience this moment or point of stillness or even know what it is.

Some people may have experienced this moment of complete stillness and not recognise what it is, or may not be able to access it again. They may not even know how they got to that point and may not know what to do to try and recreate that still point again.
There is a very simple exercise you can perform which may help you to experience this still point or moment of complete stillness using two healing tuning forks.

You can do this by holding two tuning forks - one at each ear. It is important that the tuning forks you choose are harmonically related to each other and tuned to perfect fifths. Perfect fifths for example would be to use one tuning fork in the key of ‘A’ and another tuning fork in the key of ‘D’.

Another combination you could use which are also perfect fifths would be; G+C, C+F, B+E. Perfect fifths tuning work well together to create perfect harmony. There is a frequency which each note creates: ‘A’ creates a frequency of 440 Hz. In other words, when the note ‘A’ is created by striking the ‘A’ tuning fork against your knee or a hard rubber ball, this creates a sound wave frequency which vibrates at 440 times per second. ‘D’ creates 587.33 Hz or 587.33 times per second.

Hold the ‘A’ tuning fork by the shaft (at the bottom of the ‘Y’) and strike one of the tuning fork shafts against your knee or a hard rubber ball. This creates the ‘A’ note. Hold it close to one ear. Now strike and hold the other tuning fork which creates the ‘D’ note and hold this close to the other ear. You are now creating a perfect harmonious balance of musical notes between the two ears.

Now that you know how to do this, strike one tuning fork and then quickly strike the other tuning fork on your knee or a hard rubber ball and hold the two tuning forks close to your two ears at the same time.

To experience the still point both tuning forks should be vibrating and sound at about the same volume at each ear. Now close your eyes so that you can concentrate and focus your attention fully on these two tuning forks vibrating each side of your head close to each ear. Keep listening to these two tuning forks as the sounds fades away. If you keep focused after the sounds have ceased completely, in the silence and stillness that follows you may experience what we call a “Moment of Bliss”.

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Why create a moment of silence?

In a moment of silence lies a moment of bliss. With noise and disharmony surrounding us each day our bodies need time to heal. Our cells need to rejuvenate and this we do when we sleep. However creating moments of silence or bliss in our awake state can also help create moments of self healing. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.