How music or sound focuses our attention on the present moment

How music or sound focuses our attention on the present moment

Have you ever had an experience where time seemed to stand still? Sometimes just sitting watching a beautiful sunset can create one of those special moments – when time appears to stand still. An hour passes like a fleeting moment. Perhaps it triggers some deep connection with our soul or our inner divinity or life itself. It can be like daydreaming but you are wide awake.

At times like this you are very aware and completely at one with your whole being and everything around you. You are perfectly still and absolutely focused in the moment – for you, time has stood still.

Music or sound focuses our attention on the present moment.

The sound of a Tibetan singing bowl can have the effect of bringing a person to a state of stillness where they may become less focused on the past or future and more aware of this present moment. Other sounds such as tuning forks, gongs, khosi bells, crystal quartz bowls, the sound of voice toning, singing or certain music can have a similar affect.

The sound of a thrush or blackbird singing as they project their awe inspiring melodies, or the sound of bees buzzing around flowers on a hot summer’s day may also bring us into that moment of presence and stillness. The sound of waves washing onto a sandy shore with their undulating pulsating rhythms or listening to the breeze rustling leaves on trees in a forest or wood can create a feeling of total relaxation and of being in the moment.

Connecting with this moment.

Attending a stage production, a film, play or a music concert can sometimes have this same effect as it brings you right into this moment as you fully concentrate on what you are watching and listening to.

For many people listening to their favourite music may allow them to be taken on a musical journey which has no past, no future, only these moments of peace, harmony and tranquillity completely enveloping their entire being.

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Your most asked question
What does being present mean?

When your mind is worrying or thinking about some event or something someone said or did in the past, then your mind is not in the present. When your mind is focused on what could possibly happen in the future, again - you’re not living in the present moment. If you would like to know more about our online self-healing course click the link below.