One of the most powerful sound instruments of all is your own voice

One of the most powerful sound instruments of all is your own voice

Your voice is the first musical instrument you use when you are born. Our mother’s voice is usually the first sound we actually hear as babies. Most animals, mammals, birds and insects make sounds or use their voice to create sounds for communication of one kind or another.

This beautiful instrument has an infinite amount of variation when it comes to frequencies, vibrations, tones and timbre. The sound of our voice can be heard audibly through the air by our ears and also from our inner ears. It can be felt resonating in our head, our lungs and virtually throughout every area of our body.

We use this voice sounding instrument in many ways to laugh, cry, sing and express conversation in every language.

Most importantly you can learn how to use your voice for healing your own body. You can do this by creating the sound that you intuitively feel is the correct sound, tone and timbre and visually project this sound vibration to whatever area of your body requires healing at this moment in time. On our sound healing course we will elaborate further on how you can use your voice for self healing.

The sound of your voice comes from air expelled from your lungs which creates a pressure on the tissue of the larynx - your vocal cords which vibrate and create audible pulses, which then in turn creates your voice.

A singer uses their vocal cords as an instrument to produce music and sounds from their mouth. The mouth acts like a loudspeaker to project this sound outwards for others to hear.

When you speak, you hear the sound of your own voice from two sources.
You hear the sound of your voice from your inner ear. Sound waves entering your eardrum are transmitted to the inner ear where they are transformed into electrical impulses via the auditory nerve and then sent to the brain. The brain then translates these impulses as sounds with which we are familiar.
You hear the sound of your own voice as your outer eardrum picks up the waves of sound being transmitted from your mouth through the air. This is one of the reasons why most people do not like the sound of their own voice when it is recorded and played back to them. They are so familiar with hearing their voice from these two sources (internally and externally) that they believe that this is the actual sound of their voice. The sound of your voice as others hear it, is the sound that is projected through the air from your mouth.

Using your voice to sing

If you have tried singing and have only heard your voice recorded on a dictaphone, answer phone or mobile phone, take solace in the knowledge that the microphone that captures your singing voice on any of these appliances may be limited in frequency range.

When you hear the sound of your voice when recorded on a proper studio microphone with a wide frequency range you may be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and melodic your voice really is.

Everyone has the ability to learn how to self heal.

This complete self healing training course is presented via 58 easy to understand practical lessons / lectures, and over 8 hours of on-demand videos. It is comparable to watching a real live workshop or training course in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in your own time.

When you have completed the course you will receive your certified Certificate of Completion in Self Healing.
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Your most asked question
How can I heal with my own voice?

Your own voice can be used to help activate a self healing process by creating different expressive sounds to create vibrations which you can feel resonating throughout your entire body. Learn more about our online self-healing course. Click the link below.