The most comprehensive Self Healing course available today online

The most comprehensive Self Healing course available today online

In this comprehensive self healing course you can learn amazing but simple techniques to help yourself improve or maintain better health and well-being.

This Self Healing Certification Course demonstrates many healing techniques to help facilitate the body in its own natural inner healing process for a variety of physical, emotional and mental health issues including stress and stress related illnesses.

This Self Healing Certification Course shows how many sound healing instruments can be applied during a self healing therapy session including Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal quartz bowls, Biosonic Tuning Forks, Chinese and Moon Gongs, Khosi bells, Drums etc.

This course also demonstrates how to apply energy healing techniques to your own body to help with many health issues including aches and pains, and to help clear, balance and harmonise your own chakras to help decrease the intensity of emotional shock or trauma.

This course also has a section on dowsing. This includes an introduction to dowsing with a pendulum, clearing pendulums & finding yes & no answers. Self dowsing and pendulum dowsing for food sensitivities & checking chakras. How to make your own pendulum. Dowsing for geopathic stress, lost objects or water plus learn map dowsing – for geopathic stress in a house or on land.

The aim of healing of any kind including the use of sound healing instruments is to facilitate your body’s own natural inner healing ability. Anyone can learn how to apply energy healing techniques for self healing and how to apply the power of sound for many health issues.

What you can learn from our live video demonstrations:

  • You can learn how to apply bio-energy therapy techniques to help clear, balance and harmonise your own seven main chakras.
  • You can learn how you can use Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, Chinese gongs or voice toning to help clear and balance your own overall energy field.
  • You can learn how bio-energy healing techniques can be applied for panic, anxiety, injuries, pain and inflammation or problems related to organs, glands or joints.
  • You can learn how to feel and sense energy in your hands and in your own energy field.
  • You can learn how unresolved and suppressed emotional problems or issues may be a factor with some physical illness.
  • You can learn how to clear & unblock stagnant or blocked energy in the physical, emotional & mental levels of your energy field allowing the body to activate its own natural healing ability.
  • You can learn stress reduction exercises which may help to reduce any stress related issues or problems you may be experiencing at the moment.
  • You can also learn Qi-Gong by watching the video demonstration on simple Qi-Gong exercises.
  • The aim of using your hands and the body’s natural energy fields for self healing is to facilitate the body’s own natural healing ability.
  • Your body wants to be healthy. Learn what you can do to help it using the natural healing power of your own two hands.

No prior experience is required to learn all about self healing with bio energy and sound healing instruments.

Self Healing Therapy is easy to learn by viewing and emulating what you see clearly demonstrated in over 50 practical video tutorial lectures included in this amazing online course, with over 8 hours of on-demand video lessons.

There are self healing techniques and applications for working on your physical body including:

Self Healing Application Videos for working on organs such as the Liver, and techniques for the Hips, fingers, hand, Knee, Nose and Sinuses, Mouth, Ears, and health concerns such as constipation and diarrhea, etc. When you see the techniques being demonstrated you can learn how these simple techniques can be applied to almost any area of your body.

This course demonstrates the use of sound healing instruments combined with many bio-energy healing techniques for self healing using the natural healing power of your own two hands. Develop your ability to feel and sense energy and find out more about the science and principals behind how and why sound healing works and how sound vibrations can be applied for self healing.

Watch the videos on how the healing power of your hands integrated with sound healing may help to activate and stimulate the natural healing process in your own body. Bio-energy on the seven main chakras may help to decrease the intensity of emotional shock or trauma and natural hands-on healing along with sound healing may be used to help heal the body on all levels of the energy field, physical emotional, mental and spiritual.

Discover the importance of focus and intention during self-healing and using the healing power of your hands along with sound and music. The aim of sound and bio- energy healing is to facilitate your body’s own natural inner healing ability.

Some of the video tutorial lectures in this self healing course:

  • The history of Energy Healing
  • The Principal Energy Healing
  • The human energy field and chakras
  • How the body reacts to pain, stress or injury
  • Your intent during self healing
  • Focus your mind for self healing
  • Case study 1 - Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Case study 2 - Panic attacks and stress
  • Case study 3 - Headaches, sinus & aches & pains
  • You cannot change anyone, but yourself
  • Are you compatible with your partner
  • Do you ever feel hurried in life
  • The race of life
  • Each cloud has a silver lining
  • Do you feel trapped in life
  • How illness may manifest in the body
  • Explanation of the human spinal chart
  • Do you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks

Self Healing Preparation Videos

  • How to heal my body & heal my soul
  • How to help boost my energy
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Qi-gong 4 simple exercises
  • Abdominal breathing techniques
  • How to feel & sense energy

Self Healing Sound Videos

  • Healing with sound and music
  • How does sound heal the body
  • Sound healing to relax the body
  • Introduction to tuning forks
  • Tuning forks - demonstrating the still point
  • Experience of feeling sound healing
  • Using a tibetan bowl for self healing
  • Gong bath for self healing
  • Eight tibetan singing bowls demonstrated
  • Using your voice for self healing
  • Vibroacoustic sound & pain management
  • How to make a sound healing table
We have not seen any online training course that offers so much in an all-in-one natural self healing healthcare course. Start today! You deserve to have the best information available anywhere online, presented by professional therapists and training course facilitators with three decades of experience and expertise.

Certification in Self Healing Therapy

When the course is completed you will receive your certificate of completion in self healing, this can be your initial step towards taking care of your own health and well-being by learning what you can do for you and how you can share this valuable information with your family and friends.

The complete self healing / self help training course is presented via 58 easy to understand practical lessons / lectures on over 8 hours of on-demand videos. It is compable to watching a real live workshop or training course in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in your own time.

We are here to assist you during or after you’ve completed the course. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Everyone has the ability to learn how to self heal. 
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What’s unique about this self help course?

Our course has 58 on-demand videos covering numerous self healing techniques you can apply straight away which may help you with stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia plus many more health concerns. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.