I have worked as a veterinary nurse and worked quite a lot in dog’s homes. I always had a great interest in working with animals and wanted to learn more about natural methods of healing for animals. The online animal energy healing course was a great addition to my veterinary nurse qualifications and I now integrate the natural alternative techniques along with my normal work practice.

I felt the dowsing techniques for animal chakras and which chakra would benefit most from therapy really helpful. If in doubt when I was applying distant healing I would acquire a sample of hair and a photograph so I could dowse to see what area of the animal’s body I would prioritize for therapy, either physical or emotional. Having received my diploma in animal energy healing I now feel more confident in helping all animals. Thank you so much.

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Jenny - Dallas, USA

I have been very busy and stressed in my work. I was very fearful of making a decision on a change of career. I had been feeling very nauseous after eating and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what foods I could be sensitive to if any. My doctor said it could be stress related. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel and I couldn’t get off the wheel. Quite by accident I discovered this self-healing course.

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Deirdre – Birmingham, UK

I have completed many online training courses in the past, and I was so pleased when I saw that so much was shared without reservation on this energy healing course. I could not believe that so much could be packed into an online course. You covered everything that I needed to learn and now that I have my diploma I am ready to get up and running.

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