The Human Energy Field & Chakras
The Human Energy Field & Chakras - Vibroacoustic Sound Healing - Healing Courses Online
This is a brief introduction to the human energy field & chakras.

Everything in the universe vibrates and all living organisms have a vibrating energy field. All living cells, tissues, and organs, and the body as a whole generate measurable electromagnetic fields, called subtle energy fields or biofields. Energy healing therapy works on the principal of low-level energy field interactions between the therapist and the client.

It is believed that all illness has its origins in the body’s energy field. Research into the human energy field would suggest that this energy field in and around our body keeps us healthy and revitalized, allowing our life-force energy to flow uninterrupted.  Blockages or imbalances on any level of our energy field can interrupt this flow of life-force energy, and may ultimately lead to illness.

The Energy Healing Training Course incorporates many techniques which may help to dissipate and “clear” this blocked energy, and  rebalance the overall energy field of the body, which may then create a healthy environment  within the body for self healing to take place. When our life-force energy is balanced flowing freely we are healthy. The human energy field has areas where the energy tends to be more concentrated and focused. These areas are called chakras.

The energy created by our emotions, thoughts and mental attitudes and perceptions permeate via the chakras to our cells, tissues and organs ultimately affecting our physical body. It is believed that blocked energy in the chakra energy centres may sometimes lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep the energy flowing freely in and around each of these locations.

Chakras are spinning vortexes or energy points located in and around our physical body. Through these we receive, transmit and process energy, which interacts as one holistic system. We will focus on the 7 main chakra centres; The Base chakra, The Sacral chakra, The Solar Plexus chakra, The Heart chakra, The Throat chakra, The Third eye chakra and the Crown chakra.

It is important to understand what each chakra represents, where they are located, and what emotions are related to each chakra. Each chakra governs a particular area of the body and can have an influence on the related organs, glands, bones, tissue and cells in that location. Emotions are normal but suppression of the emotions may be a factor in physical and emotional ill health.

Some of the symptoms of these buried unresolved issues can manifest in unacceptable or unidentifiable reasons for certain unhealthy behaviour patterns. These behaviour patterns can have a negative effect on all aspects of a person’s quality of life and quality of living. Unresolved physical emotional or mental stresses or trauma can have a long term affect on all aspects of a person’s energy field. The fear of accessing or getting in touch with the initial incident, accident or trauma may be too painful for the person to deal with. Energy therapy may be beneficial in decreasing the intensity of unhealthy levels of buried or suppressed emotional or mental trauma, and so allow the person to experience a better quality of life or living.
There are many layers to the energy field where chakras are located; the physical layer, the etheric layer, the emotional layer, the mental layer and the astral layer. These energy fields and the body’s main chakras are described in detail in the many video demonstration lectures on our online healing courses.

Check out and listen to the Cd “Understanding chakras” on our website. This explains in more detail about each chakra and the emotions associated with each chakra.

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