Anya - Belfast, NI
I trained as a nurse back in the 70’s. I really never heard much about alternative medicine or I never felt the need to find out about it either. Over the last few years I had numerous losses and stresses in my life. My marriage broke up.  I lost my home. My children didn’t want to know me. I felt I had let everyone down including myself. I felt my purpose in life had ended.

I felt very depressed and at times felt like ending it all. My value of myself, my self worth was at an all time low. I felt I couldn’t dig myself out of this black hole I now found myself in. Logically I knew I needed help, but I figured no one could help me out of this dreadful mess I was in. I was at a holistic show with a friend just to pass the time.

I watched this person doing bio energy therapy. I approached them and they asked me would I like a short bio energy healing session. I thought “what a load of nonsense, but I’ll give it a go, after all what do I have to lose anyway.” During the brief bio energy session I felt like a shell around me had dissipated. I felt freer, lighter even slightly hopeful. I didn’t believe any of what had happened would make any difference in my life of despair, mess and muddle.

When I arrived home it felt like a fog had lifted slightly and I felt a mist had shifted around my body. This lasted for a day or two. I couldn’t stop thinking of how something so subtle as bio energy could have such an effect on me. I decided to make contact with the Oisin Bio Energy Centre. I was very apprehensive. This was a major step for me. I booked in for five bio energy therapy sessions. I then attended all five sessions.

Each bio energy session felt like I was removing layers and layers of baggage from around me. During the bio energy sessions I remembered my childhood, my guilt and shame. The things I did, the things I didn’t do. How I had let my parent’s down because I wasn’t good enough at anything I tried. How I tried to be a really good nurse, wife and mother, but it all fell apart. All of these emotions rose to the surface, and then subsided and dissipated like waves in the sea and the sand on the sea shore.

On the fifth and last bio energy therapy session I opened my eyes in the middle of the session. The mist that had surrounded me had gone. I could see clearly what had happened for me in my life. I had suppressed so many emotions that I did not truly know who I was. I could now say – “I am me.” I wore many coats, many false faces and many layers like layers of an onion to protect myself and cover up the real me.

After the five bio energy sessions I knew I felt different. I am the same person that had that first short bio energy therapy but without all the conditioning and emotional baggage that I carried around for all those years. I am now free to make a new life with new plans for me, but most of all I can now accept me, the person I really am.

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