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Depression is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. You are helpless and hopeless over everyone and everything but you are never helpless or hopeless over yourself. Even in the darkest moment, there is light. Today ask yourself, what do you really want out of life?

What gives you the most happiness in life? Do you enjoy the work you do? Do you enjoy your place of employment? Do you enjoy the people you work with? Do you feel you would be happier in some other occupation or in different working conditions with different people who you could better relate to? Do you prefer to work outside or inside? What allows you to continue working and living as you are doing, if you are not happy? Is it conditioning perhaps that says, “Don’t move.” “Don’t change.” “Don’t rock the boat?” Is it the insecurity that you may not get as good a job, with as good a wage again?

Are you working inside a building, looking at blank walls, with artificial lighting, with people who themselves are feeling dull and depressed? Are you sitting down most of the day when you would prefer to be active? Would you prefer a job outside in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoying the country views and scenery, and the sounds of nature? Are you a child of nature and are out of harmony when you are inside concrete buildings? It may not be feasible for you to leave or change your job at the moment, – but you could use the money and resources available to you, from the work you are doing, to make life more enjoyable and happy. You could take up a sport or activity, which allows you to be outside in the fresh air.

You could start a weekend or evening course that allows you to be outside i.e. gardening, bee keeping, sailing, fishing, coaching outdoor sports, which long-term you could turn into a profitable full-time business. By doing this, you are seeing the job you are in as a means and source of providing you with what you really want and enjoy. You can negate any negativity you are feeling around your present job, by seeing the rewards you are reaping as a result of this job. You also could be the person who would prefer to be using your skills and creating your dreams inside rather than outside.

You could be a great musician and singer and would love to record your own album of songs, but currently find yourself making your living as a carpenter. You may not like working outside in the cold and wet, and have no interest in nature whatsoever. You can still use this employment to fulfil your dreams. It may not be financially viable to suddenly quit your full-time job, but you could use some of your money, to have your voice professionally trained, and then maybe decide to record your own album. Someone somewhere may hear your songs and offer you a recording deal, which may give you the opportunity to work in the music business fulltime.

You could be a housewife whose children have now grown up and moved on with their own lives. This could be your time to fulfil that dream you have always had, – to write your own book or play, or to work in the publishing industry, media, radio or television? Are you a commercial traveller, building up a business for your employer, travelling many hundreds of miles each week, and dreaming about starting your own business? – If you can do it for someone else, you can do it for yourself.

Are you in a dead-end job with no future prospects or opportunities for advancement? Are you feeling depressed and bogged down? You could use some of the money from this job to train for a job you would really like. There is a job waiting for you, which you would enjoy. It would give you everything you dream about, with steady employment, lots of opportunities for advancement and progression on a ladder of success.

There are many opportunities waiting for you to create your ultimate dream.
You must first of all believe this and believe in yourself. Everyone has an opportunity to be a success. Success is not all about the money you make. It’s about how you enjoy making it
and enjoy spending it, but most importantly how you enjoy life and living. What do you want out of life? What would you enjoy? Dream it. Think about it. Write it down. Describe it in every detail
in a written plan of action. What is it you would prefer to be doing with your life? Find out today who is doing what you would like to be doing. How did they get started? Make some phone calls. Write some letters to assimilate all the necessary information you will need, to apply for this type of work. You may need to attend some courses. Contact career guidance officers. Contact schools for adult education classes. Look up directories. Ask your friends or relations for advice, or what contacts they might have in your area of interest.

There are opportunities waiting for you and for everyone, but you will only find them when you decide what it is you want to do and then go searching. Follow up on all the leads and directions you get, no matter from where or from whom. Once you make the decision to move from what you are doing right now, to what you would prefer to be doing in the future, – that is the first and most important step. Next plan it out, draw it out on paper, create a blueprint, see it in your mind’s eye, and start researching straight away.

Be awake, be grounded and be aware of everything you see, hear, and do.
Be ready when the postman calls, if you are not there to receive the letter, (that message of direction) the first or second time he calls, he may not call again for some time. This means if
you are not ready and waiting, after you have asked for a sign or direction from your guides, angels, or God, and the information you have requested is delivered, it may be some time before this message will be sent to you again. You can receive this message via a sign you notice along the road. It could be a newspaper heading, article, or advertisement. It could come as information via your radio or television. It might come as a leaflet someone gives you or drops through your letterbox. Or, someone might just say something to you that will set your mind thinking. Life knocks on your door with opportunities many times a day. Be ready and
waiting when opportunity knocks.

What is meant for you in this lifetime will not pass you by. The chance you have been waiting for may come like a bolt of lightning “out of the blue.” And you will be amazed at how easy it was when you look back afterwards, as you are enjoying your newfound success and happiness. You can make the first move. You can knock on the door of life and announce that you want a change in your life, whatever that change might be.

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